Recommendations of Rukhman Adukov


Recommendations on rural local self-government

The recommendations are based on the assessment of the current status and contain proposals to improve the rural self-government as one of the key factors of social and economic development of rural areas and the nation as the whole. The recommended model of local self-government envisages optimization of inter-budget relationships via consent of interests of all governance levels, i.e. establishment of the national power system on a territorial self-supporting basis. The implementation of the recommended measures will facilitate to address many pressing challenges of the Russian society: harmonization of interests of the citizens, government and business, improved transparency of the national economy and budget revenues at all governance levels, elimination of parasitic attitude of local self-governments, etc. Overall, these will foster socio-economic development of rural areas and the whole country. The recommendations are tailored to researchers, municipal employees, officials of regional and federal authorities who deal with local self-government development in Russia.


Recommendations on improvement of local self-government in rural areas

The recommendations contain three groups of proposals: preparations for effectiveness of the new federal law on local self-government; improvement of local self-government in the context of the existing and new laws on local self-government; perspective development of local self-government. The latter group of proposals may be used to establish a profoundly new system of local government that enables to overcome main defects inherent to the existing local self-government pattern in Russia (conflicting interests of different governance levels, parasite attitude of local self-governments, etc). The recommendations are tailored to researchers, rural administrations as well as to officials of district, regional and federal authorities dealing with formulation of measures to develop local self-governance in the country.


Farm management democratization experience in APA “Novomoskovskoye” (Tula Oblast)


Job specifications of collective farm specialists in the context of full cost accounting (self-supporting)

This is the documentary and methodological manual. The job specifications relating to business planning, accounting, control and performance analysis are classified according to functional characteristics of farm planning and accounting department employees assigned to groups: input supply and finance division, production planning, staff management and compensation. Special attention was given to collective farm transition to cost accounting and self-financing, encouragement of internal on-farm cost accounting, self-management of working teams, new patterns of labor management, compensation, material incentives linked to outputs, book-keeping and cost control, production outputs, delivery of works and services by economic units. The presented job specifications reflect innovative approaches, management democratization and business management practices; these may be used at other enterprises as well.


Improvement of management structures on collective and state farms

In formulating recommendations materials on improvement of agricultural production management were used. The materials were devised by the higher school of agricultural producer cooperatives in Maisen (the German Democratic Republic). The recommendations are tailored to managers and specialists of collective and state farms.

Recommendation on establishment of producer cooperatives in agriculture

Scientific recommendations


Unit-based management structure

The practical guidelines summarize experiences/research findings and formulate fundamental principles of the unit-based management structure, describe conditions for its design and application. The publication is tailored to managers and specialists of farms, economic units and officials of district agricultural authorities.

Methodological guidelines on competitive selection of farm managers

The publication is tailored to students of economic faculties and is compiled in accordance with the “Agricultural Production Management” curriculum endorsed by the Department of Higher and Secondary Agricultural Education.

Industry-specific professional qualification requirements for manager and specialist positions within the USSR State Agro-Industrial Committee system

The publication specifies professional qualification requirements for positions of managers and subject-matter specialists of collective farms, state farms, inter-farm enterprises and organizations (excluding construction enterprises), industrial enterprises, servicing enterprises and organizations within the USSR State Agro-Industrial Committee system. The publication is intended for appropriate selection, appointment and use of human resources.


Recommendations on livestock production management by district agro-industrial associations (agricultural authorities)

The publication specifies goals, objectives and institutional approaches to livestock management at district agro-industrial associations. It contains format regulations on livestock service divisions and employees’ job specifications. The recommendations are tailored to managers and specialists of district agro-industrial associations.


Format regulations on divisions and groups, job specifications of employees of agricultural departments of local executive committees — administration of council of local agro-industrial association

Collection of regulations

Format regulations on divisions and groups of agricultural departments of regional/krai executive committees, the Ministry of Agriculture of autonomous republic — the administration of council of oblast, krai, republic agro-industrial association

Collection of regulations

Regulatory acts on establishment and functioning of local agro-industrial associations

The publication contains: format regulation on local agro-industrial association, the methodology for district agricultural department staff scheduling; format organizational structure of a district agricultural department; salaries of managers and specialists of district agricultural departments that perform functions of administration of councils of local agro-industrial associations.