Participation of Rukhman Adukov in projects


Project manager; the Russian — US project “Assessment of the Agricultural Sector in the North Caucasus”

Key reasons impeding agricultural development in seven North Caucasus regions have been identified; proposals for their elimination have been formulated.


Consultant; the British — Ukrainian project “Financial revitalization and restructuring of insolvent farm enterprises in Ukraine”

The experiences accumulated in implementation of similar project in Russia and the relevant methodological documents have been transferred to the project teams.


Project manager; the British — Russian project “Financial revitalization and restructuring of insolvent farm enterprises in Russia”

Coordination of 6 regional project teams; the project activities covered over 200 farms. Engagement in elaboration of the manual on financial revitalization of farm enterprises (the RF Ministry of Agriculture has circulated the manual to all Russian regions). The RF Ministry of Agriculture recognized the project as the most efficient one among the agricultural projects implemented during the reform period.


Consultant — economist; “Campina” firm (the Russian–Dutch project)

On initiative of the RF Ministry of Agriculture participation in identification of partner farms for Campina firm and selection of location of its yoghurt production plant (in Moscow Oblast).


Senior consultant — economist; International Financial Corporation; Russia–US project “Agrarian Reform in Russia”

The farm restructuring assistance had been provided to collective and state farms in Moscow, Ryazan and Volgograd Oblast. The farm workers had been explained their ownership rights in the farm restructuring process and afterwards. The owners had been recommended “never to sell their land shares, but only to lease them”. The financial revitalization of agricultural producer cooperative “Polbino” has been carried out in Yegoryevsk District of Moscow Oblast.


Consultant; the Russian project “Promotion of Agricultural Technological Centers in Russia”

One of the largest farm enterprises in Russia, the first agricultural technological center — CJSC “Matveyevskoye” (Odintsovo District, Moscow Oblast) had been revitalized. Due to the high relevance of the project and strong effect of the financial revitalization the RF Ministry of Economy and the RF Ministry of Agriculture and Food arranged the joint meeting of their Boards on that large-scale farm. The Board meeting was leaded by the Agricultural Vice-Premier of the Russian Federation.