Contents of Doctoral Thesis

“Farm Business Management and Public Governance”

Adukov R.H., Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor; Head of Division; All-Russia Research Institute of Agriculture Economy, Labor and Governance (VNIETUSH)

The thesis was defended in June 1998


Chapter 1. Historical background and trends in farm management

1.1. Role of public governance in rural economy development

1.2. Essence and shortcomings of the current agrarian reform

1.3. Farm business management improvement factors

1.4. Self-government relevance and development prospects

Chapter 2. Improvement of farm manageability

2.1. New approach to the manageability theory interpretation

2.2. Optimization of basic farm business parameters

2.3. Identification of farm organizational and legal status

Chapter 3. Efficient use of farm human resources

3.1. Domestic and foreign practical approaches to staff selection

3.2. Justification of staff assessment and selection system

3.3. Efficient methods of human resource management on large-scale farm

Chapter 4. Farm adaptation to market environment

4.1. Improvement of farm management structure

4.2. Improvement of farm business management methods

4.3. Dealing with pressing low-cost tasks of public governance