Contents of Ph.D. Thesis

“Specialized State Farm Director Work Management”

Adukov R.H., Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor; Head of Division; All-Russia Research Institute of Agriculture Economy, Labor and Governance (VNIETUSH)

The thesis was defended in March 1983


Chapter 1. Theoretical and methodological foundations of managerial labor

1.1. Managerial labor theoretical issues

1.2. Methodological aspects of managerial labor studies

1.3. Characteristics of managerial labor content

Chapter 2. Exploration of specialized state farm director work management

2.1. Specifics of industrial-type enterprises and nature of their impact on director work management

2.2. Current situation in work management

2.3. Analysis of leadership style and management methods

Chapter 3. Improvement of specialized state farm director work management

3.1. Rational working time management

3.2. Implementation management

3.3. Work management designing

Recommendations for enterprises