Books by Rukhman Adukov


Farm business management (theory, practice)

The scientific publication, the monograph. The book deals with theoretical and practical challenges faced by large-scale farms (agricultural enterprises) in adaptation to the market environment via improvement of the state governance and business management. The publication focuses on human factor as the most relevant in the context of physical input shortages. The book is tailored to researchers, farm managers and subject-matter specialists.

Books in co-authorship:


Agro-industrial sector in Chechen Republic: transition to new management practices

The book contains recommendations to foster efficiency in the agro-industrial sector (based on state ownership) in Chechen Republic by establishment of product-centered enterprises, promotion of cooperation and business contractual relationships among enterprises in the sector, encouragement of innovations and financial revitalization of large-scale farms via application of advanced business management practices. The expediency of establishment of state-owned agricultural holdings in Chechen Republic has been assessed. The book is tailored to agro-food managers and subject-matter specialists, agricultural researchers (dealing with agricultural management improvement) as well as to students and post-graduate students of economic faculties of higher educational institutions.


Rural credit consumer cooperation (the case study of Oryel Oblast)

The publication addresses pressing issues of establishment and functioning of a farm credit consumer cooperative. The book is tailored to government officials, farm managers and subject-matter specialists, investors, rural advisory service specialists, agricultural economic researchers, trainers and trainees of agricultural training and staff professional development institutions, students and post-graduate students of legal and economic faculties of higher education institutions.


Governance in the agro-industrial sector

The manual for higher education institutions deals with theoretical foundations of establishment and operation of governance system in the agro-industrial sector, describes the structure and functions of agricultural authorities at all hierarchy levels, farm business management practices, managerial staff training and management efficiency. The publication is tailored to students of higher education institutions (specialization 060800 “Economy and management at agricultural and food processing enterprises”).


Regional agro-industrial sector restructuring projects

The publication describes projects on recovery and development of agricultural industries and enterprises to be used as basic case studies taking into account specific conditions in Russian regions, rural administrative districts, agricultural and food industries and enterprises. The book is tailored to officials of regional and district agricultural authorities, farm managers and subject-matter specialists, lecturers of agricultural higher education institutions.

Agricultural and food production management system in Oryel Oblast (institutional and economic practices)

The book describes research findings and practical experiences of application of institutional and economic methods in agricultural and food production management in Oryel Oblast approved by the Agricultural Economy and Land Management Department of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences.


Business relationship restructuring in agriculture

This collective monograph formulates methodological and applied approaches to farm business restructuring to improve performance and efficiency of agricultural and food processing enterprises. The monograph is tailored to farm managers and subject-matter specialists, officials of agricultural authorities.


Problems of new leaders in agricultural production

Summary presentation at the All-Russia scientific conference


Reforming alternatives for farm enterprises


Restructuring alternatives for farm enterprises

This booklet presents case studies describing restructuring experiences of specific farms located in various economic regions, with different history and specialization. The publication is addressed to those, who investigate ways to overcome the farming crisis. It describes experiences of those, who had already succeeded.

Social and economic implications of land privatization and farm restructuring

The research paper describes restructuring of 179 farm enterprises in Oryel, Rostov, Nizhny Novgorod, Ryazan, Kirov and Volgograd Oblasts. It analyses restructuring reasons and alternatives, sizes and types of new restructured farms. Economic performance outputs are presented for 67 large-scale farms that had operated for 1-2 years after the restructuring. The publication characterizes new economic relationships among enterprises and cooperatives in using common infrastructure. It presents detailed findings of sociological surveys that characterize shifts in entrepreneurial activities of farm managers and labor behavior of average farm workers.


Market environment in the Russian agro-industrial sector: transition challenges and solutions

Research publication


Russian agro-industrial sector: new business management practices

The collection of research papers compiles advanced experiences of agricultural and food processing enterprises in Russia and focuses on practical and methodological aspects of improvement of management in the agro-industrial sector. The publication addresses management of research and development, organizational and economic methods of production management at qualitatively new district-level entities; establishment of self-supporting economic units, further promotion of collective, family and lease contractual arrangements; democratization of management; agricultural staff training and professional development. The publication is tailored to managers and subject-matter specialists of agricultural and food processing enterprises.

Family and lease contractual arrangements in livestock production

The collection contains papers of researchers and practitioners tackling economic mechanism of lease arrangements at livestock units of collective and state farms, increased production performance at such units, on family farms and on individual household farms. The book is tailored to farm subject-matter specialists and livestock workers.

Business management improvement challenges in the agro-industrial sector

Proceedings of the All-Russia Scientific Conference